The first book in the Grays Harbor Series.

Along with his wife and two sons, Curtis Lockwood leaves his home state of Oregon behind and searches for safety in the cold, inhospitable atmosphere of Grays Harbor - an area whose residents have a long history of both guarded seclusion and dark secrets.

Over the past several weeks, he's watched most of the population of Portland either die mysteriously or disappear without a trace, causing widespread panic to spread throughout the region. Seeing the few remaining people leaving town and scattering into the hills to the east, Curtis hopes that the familiar surroundings of his childhood home in Cohassett Beach might shield his family from the chaos happening in the world around them - but even in a remote cabin, hidden by the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest, his family begins to notice strange things happening around them. They soon discover that the nightmare they've been hiding from, isn't nearly as terrifying as what awaits them in the nearby town of Westport.

Pages (printed): 330
Words: 97,923

Kindle: 978-1948714006
Amazon: 978-1948714013
Ingram: 978-1948714020



The second book in the Grays Harbor Series.

Hidden from the dangers surrounding them, the Lockwood family and their two guests have finally settled into a new life, isolated from the violence and madness in Westport - until an unwelcome visitor threatens to tear the two families apart, sending part of them on a dangerous trip to the nearby town of Grayland.

The small farming community appears to be entirely deserted when they first arrive - but the truth of what happened to the residents, and the secrets that are still lurking behind the shadows, are about to be revealed.

Pages (printed): 258
Words: 73,425

Paperback: 978-1948714037
Hardback: 978-1948714044


The third book in the Grays Harbor Series.

Deceived by its desolate appearance when they first arrived, the Lockwood family finds itself trapped in the dangerous clutches of Grayland, while the others in the group make their way into the burned-out ruins of Aberdeen in search of another survivor but with an old adversary following their every move, and the infected becoming more disturbed with each passing day, the entire group finally reaches its breaking point as the world around them begins to collapse.

Aberdeen is a thrilling post-apocalyptic horror novel that takes place in the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest, and concludes the first three chapters of the ongoing Grays Harbor Series.

Pages (printed): 244
Words: 72,823

Paperback: 978-1948714051
Hardback: 978-1948714068


Coming in 2021, The Regency takes place at Cohassett Beach in 1957, and tells the story of the grand hotel that was featured in Westport.